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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is an approach that aims to solve the underlying root cause utilizing lifestyle, nutrition, and preventative therapies. Instead of waiting for a problem to get bad enough to give it a name, functional medicine aims to solve it with prevention. When it comes to neurological disease, prevention is key. Neurodegenerative and chronic illnesses are a growing concern in our world today. We aim to change that by providing preventative therapies and lifestyle advice to decrease your body’s toxin burden. When you make these changes to lower your body’s toxin burden and create an anti-inflammatory effect in the body - your energy will improve, your pain will reside, and your ability to recover will improve. 

With functional medicine, we like to get objective data on your health by running labs. You can look through the labs that we offer by going to the LAB TESTING page. This gives us objective data and provides goals for us to work towards. Although our comprehensive exam is quite impressive, the reality is that we can’t always see everything externally, so labs give us a better internal picture. 

With each functional medicine plan, we recommend specific supplements and nutrition/lifestyle changes. Although supplements are highly effective, nutrition and lifestyle changes are the most important because these are what create LONG TERM changes in your health and decrease the toxin burden on your body. 

What’s unique at Brain Health and Chiropractic is that we combine functional neurological therapy, chiropractic care, and functional medicine to give your body and brain the best shot at thriving to its full potential. With this unique lens, we are able to help people who have not responded to traditional care, or help those who prefer a more holistic approach. 

"The moment you change your perspective, is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body." 
-Bruce Lipton

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